L1® Model I Portable Line Array System

Our versatile original system

The original award winning L1 system. Designed for a variety of uses, it delivers clear, powerful sound across the stage and throughout the audience. Integrated inputs accommodate microphones, instruments and mp3 players.

Key Benefit and Technology
  • Wide, uniform sound coverage. Enjoy balanced tone and consistent sound levels throughout the room.
  • Integrated ToneMatch┬« presets on channels 1 and 2 optimize specific instruments and microphones.
  • Works with the T1 audio engine. An analog connection to the T1 allows for four additional input channels, our largest library of ToneMatch┬« presets, and a complete suite of studio-class effects and processing. (Requires optional T1 power supply.)
  • Modular bass. Add B1 bass modules for instruments that require more low-frequency output.
  • Four input channels on the Model I Power Stand.


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